Richie Richardson is a SEO Expert from India. He started ranking sites from 2011. Unlike other SEO experts he didn’t focus on low competitive keywords. All the sites he ranked (and continues to rank) were high competitive.

Recently he has started to provide SEO service. He works with a small team that are experts in their own work.

He has brought several sites from nowhere to 1st page.

Richie generally prefers slow and steady in the SEO game. His results will be slow but strong. Even after you stop working with Richie Richardson you can notice your rankings are still going strong.

He never promises rank and bank strategy. And that is why he prefers only genuine businesses.

Not all business who apply will be accepted by him.

Richie chooses business who understand importance of quality work. For this simple reason he has few but loyal clients all over the world.

And he doesn’t come cheap.