Below You will find some of our recent success with clients.

PS: We bet only few SEO experts will have such success.


We started working on the above site from June 2016. As you can see it was nowhere to find within Google. After a month it appears at #79 on late July. From there the site rises slowly and steadily. It hits #3 in January 2017. In February 2017 the site is #1.




When we took control of this site it was already ranking @ #66. There was a jump as soon we started working and the site continued to climb. In the beginning of January 2017 it was sitting at #1. And it continues to do so till today.




For 3 YEARS we have been maintaining this client’s ranking in top 3 position. As you can see this is the type of our work. When you stick with us your ranking sticks too. Kindly note that this a very high competition keyword within weight loss niche.



Some Other Works